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About Us

About Us

Shreeyam Solution is a skill consultancy company based in Patna, Bihar. We are a young and dynamic organization, offering tailor-made solutions, with the vision to make the skill business sustainable and provide opportunities for sustainable development of an organization. Our bouquet of services will enable organizations to drive acquisition, set up viable operating models and establish quality and productivity in skill operations.Our team of professionals has widespread experience in Vocational Skill Development, Capacity Building Initiatives, Business Acquisition & Government Liaising, Ground Connect Activities, Placement & Self-Employment models, etc.

Our Vision

To make a mark in the skills landscape of India, by providing unique solutions to organizations.

Our Mission

To design & enable unique solutions in acquiring, managing and sustaining operations in the Skill Ecosystem to our customers to ensure sustainable development of their organization.


• Value Customers
• Integrity of People-process
• Reliable Partnership
• Transparency in business
• Urgency in delivery
• Ease of Business


Our approach to skill projects helps provide tailor-made services to existing & new training providers in acquiring, managing and sustaining operations in the Indian Skill Ecosystem.